Providing visual art education to empower underserved communities.

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We offer intergeneration visual art classes, healing circles, and workshops. 

Our Mission is to use the creative process as a tool to educate, communicate, express ideas and heal. Our goal is to build character and self-esteem. Our hopes are to create life changing experiences.
what we offer

What We Offer



Art Transforms Inc. (ATI), is a non-profit organization, founded by an Artist who 
saw a lack of visual art opportunities icommunities of color.  She decided to link 
with other artists to fill the gap.  ATI is based in South East Queens, NY. We are 
rooted in traditional art techniques but allow personal creativity to shine in every 


Imani Smith, 23 - Student

Art class helps me control my anxiety and gives me a purpose to move forward.  Art is my goal and my future career.  It gives me strength and makes me feel accomplished when a piece is finished.  It also makes me feel better around people and let’s me hone my skills.  it is very helpful to me as an individual.  I am very grateful to be apart of the art class.

Khamila Thompson, 10 - Student

I like art because it is calming, soothing and teaches me discipline.  Art transforms can literally transform you.  You can learn new shills and have fun while doing it.  Art can help you express your sad feelings like death or love.

Jaden Medley, 11 - Student

Art class stops me from over acting crazy.  It helps me listen better.

Brianna Rucker, 10 - Student

Art class brings creativity too all.  It help us learn and experience that not only work is important, fun is too.  Art also gives us a relaxing time, and make us feel calm and so disciplined.

Ms. Chaplin, Grandparent - Student

This art class has been an outlet for me in many ways.  It helps me bond with my granddaughter who also attends the class.  I have learned art techniques that were surprising to me.  The class is a very relaxing end to my week.

JM, 21 - Student

Art has significantly eased my depression.  I have grown to love art and appreciate how it is present in every aspect of my life.  I use are to either silence my thoughts or encourage my imagination.  Art is a natural function we express through our physical senses.  Our senses we have grown to respect  alter all visionary creations.  I feel most confident through my artwork and it gives me peace.  At times I feel I am losing myself to the “problems” I see on my surface.  But, it brings me joy when others tell me it has brought them inner peace.

Ms. Medley, Grandparent - Student

Art has a calming effect and forces me to think things through.  It gives me the feeling tat I am creating something.  Its turning out to be a learning experience and help instill in others we are all the same.

Patricia Searight, Grandmother

I joined the art class because I have always wanted to draw and paint.  The class is teaching me both!  The instructor is patient and understanding.  I love the class.

Rafael Simmons, Grandmother

What art means to me , its a very relaxing feeling.  As I  paint everything just goes away and I just focus on what I am painting.

DMB, Domestic Violence Survivor

As a survivor of domestic violence I have experienced nightmares of the abuse.  As a began to participate in the circle of transformation and create art the nightmares have slowed down.  I know art is away to get what is inside out and I enjoy the sessions when we use art to express ourselves and feelings.

Avery Gamble, 8 - Student

I like art because it’s really fun to do. I have been making art since I was in Pre-K. I especially like to make collages and art with black girls like me. I hope people think I draw well.