Art Transforms Inc. (ATI), is a non-profit organization, founded in 2016 to educate and heal using visual art. ATI is based in South East Queens, NY. We are rooted in traditional art techniques but allow personal creativity to shine in every painting. We encourage our participants to tap into the healing power of art.

Our Mission

To use art to educate, express, communicate, and heal.

We aspire to fill the gap missing from art appreciation in schools, give seniors the opportunity to express their creativity, and a platform for new artists. Exposure to the transformative powers of art is inspirational.

Our Vision

To build character, self-esteem and offer life changing experiences.

What We Offer

We offer weekly free visual art classes with opportunities to exhibit artwork created. Included with our classes are art education and artist as entrepreneurs.  We provide support to emerging artist by providing platforms for them to display their artwork.

Executive Committee Bios

Wanda Best, MA, MPA

Ms. Best believes art is a way to interpret the world. Through art she communicates social injustices that plague communities of color. Art is a non-threatening way to express the traumatizing pain of poverty, hyper-incarceration, environmental racism and other social ills that are present in urban areas. Growing up in Harlem during the 1960’s she experienced poverty first hand and felt its traumatic impact. She also saw the beauty of people who made something out of nothing and the innocent happiness of families who were bond together simply by love. Her paintings are from imagination or memory. Each of her paintings are inspired by an event or an emotional experience. She not only captures the images with her brushes and colorful strokes, she educates the viewer with her conceptualized paintings.

She is Founder of “Art Transforms, Inc.” Her mission is to offer art appreciation to youth to distract from the crime generative factors that can lead to criminal justice involvement, while building character and self-esteem and to give new artist a platform for their artwork. She teaches visual art at Rochdale Village Community Center and facilitates The Circle of Transformation using art to heal from trauma. Participants are exposed to art education, technique development and a workshop on the profitable artist/entrepreneur. She organizes Social Justice Art exhibits as a way of educating the community.

Board of Directors

Jannell Mathews, MPH, Chair
Kenneth Hart, MBA, Financial Advisor
Sharon Banks, LMIS
Julia Shaw, BA
Shavona Warmington, BA


Imani Smith